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Cambelt Replacement in Louth

Complete genuine cambelt kits fitted from £299 !

Cambelts fitted from ONLY *£299 !

Cam Belt

Complete genuine cambelt kits fitted.


The cambelt is one of the most crucial parts of your engine controlling the timing and order in which the engine's valves open and close, and over time, can become damaged or worn. To be safe you should check the manufacturer's recommendations and stay within that mileage.

Parts included in kit

  • Cambelt
  • Tentioners
  • Idlers
  • Bolts and washers

* The cost of changing a cambelt will vary depending on the make and model of your car - call NOW for a competative quote. Price does not include VAT.

Water Pumps fitted from ONLY *£39 !

Water Pump

Recommended with a new cambelt.

Why is a water pump recommended?

Your water pump gets as much wear as your cambelt and on most cars, to get to the water pump, you normally have to remove the cambelt. You can avoid paying the same labour costs a second time if you do both jobs together.

The water pump is vital to an engine's operation because it ensures the coolant keeps moving through the engine block, hoses and radiator, maintaining an optimum operating temperature.

Parts included

  • Genuine water pump
  • Gaskets
  • Bolts and washers

* Guide price if fitted at the same time as a cambelt - call NOW for a competative quote. Price does not include VAT.